Not one of all the steps that you have decided to take can I take for you, but I can help you, to sharpen your perception; to understand and see through the cosmic laws – as insight so outsight, as above so below …; to find your place in harmony with everything; to recognize your own value; to honour and live the light that shines within you right from the beginning of time, when your soul had decided to grow, to thrive and blossom by each further incarnation. I do not say that it will be easy and also not that it will be difficult; because everybody is creating their own ideal set of conditions for the game – known as life –in order to experience and explore all that it has to offer; but:


About Decisions
We ourselves may choose,
whether we wish to learn
connected through Yes or No to the life –
with a positive or negative attitude,
in joy or in sorrow
by darkness or by light,
as a victim or as an architect,
through fear or

The will,
to choose freely
at any time
and place of our lives,
is the gift of the Universe
to us – the children of Terra Gaia,
in order that we might grow.

(from my book “We, who are the Light”)

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